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Oktibbeha County, Mississippi State University

Originally named Boardtown, Starkville was founded in 1833. Starkville offers a “Small Town’ feeling with ‘Big City’ attractions fueled in part with sports and special programs offered through MSU. Arts, several museums, parks (including a dog park), lakes, & forests. Something for all to do. Everyone is welcomed.

Overstreet Properties 201B S. Lafeyette St. 662-323-8618
Overstreet Properties 201B S. Lafeyette St. 662-323-8618

Mississippi’s ‘college town’ for more than a century, Starkville is presently home to Mississippi’s largest university, Mississippi State University, a land grant university. Firm in education, the Starkville-Oktibbeha School District enrolls more than 4,000 students each year with 77% of graduates pursuing higher education. Starkville offers a bright future, filled with energy, enthusiasm and diversity brought by the University. Covering 461 square miles Oktibbeha County was once occupied by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians. Oktibbeha means “icy water”, a name given by the Choctaw Indians. Historically fueled by agriculture, the Oktibbeha County economy continues to boom with industry, education, and culture. Oktibbeha County was at one time named the dairy center of the south!

Part of the rapidly developing Golden Triangle Area, Starkville and Oktibbeha County have enjoyed impressive growth in the past two decades. While proud of their heritage they seek today to provide a diverse economic and cultural base upon which to build confidently for the future.

The community and the university are always working together to create a home away for home for the students. Delicious local restaurants, great shopping spots, many festivals, sporting action, and friendly residents make Starkville: Mississippi’s College Town!

Mississippi State University, the backbone to the local economy, is more than 21,000 students strong, adding to the more than 25,000 other citizens making Starkville swell during the school months. It is a comprehensive, doctoral degree-granting institution with a nationally and internationally diverse student body.

It is Mississippi’s largest university. MSU offers top-ranked, award winning, research programs, including veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering programs, a proud collection of SEC sports, lecture venues, fun festivals, and more than 800 faculty members covering 175+ programs. Mississippi State University provides an estimated annual economic impact of $1.8 billion to the state.